Helping Gertrude

An extraordinary week

We had an incredible week and we’ll tell you why. This week was renewing/remodeling week in Gertrude’s house. She is a sweet old german lady who lives by herself, is extremely independent, friendly and an amazing cook! She made the team a great lunch everyday since they worked there for a couple days.

We have to write about Gertrude because her heart is simply amazing. She has a great heart for people and one day the neighborhood ladies came over and they all sat outside and played cards while we worked inside.

Then on wednesday another amazing thing happened. We met her grandson who helps her and takes care of her. He pays for all her expenses and every week he will come by to hang out with her. We thought this was amazing for several reasons.

1- He owns a limo business. It is actually located close by here in Aurora, IL and its called We admire this family because of how friendly they are and how genuine. Even the grandson helped us out and he is the one who payed for the remodeling.

2- We don’t know anyone who would make time every week to go and hang out with his grandmother. THATS note worthy!

Gertrude backed an incredible german cake for us. It had this amazing caramel dressing on top of it. It was to die for. Everything about Gertrude is german. He was born and raised in Germany and she came over in the late 80s. Her house is furnished with german furniture and her grandson wanted us to continue that theme with the remodeling.

Her aura of calmness but sternness outweighed her pushing us to eat her food and it was incredible. German food is incredibly delicious! She made us eat her food and gave us little souvenirs from germany. Her accent is very german and she talks a lot about the fatherland. Continue reading

Visiting Elderly

A room for visiting elderly

We have been working hard on remodeling rooms for people lately. This has been a full time project. Since we love it so much we got to say it again: We love helping people! It is a lot of fun and we want to do that the rest of our lives. Our intention with writing this is that we want to inspire others to do the same. There are countless people who are helpless closer to us than we think.

When you do good to other it will come back to you. The same principle applies to the lack of compassion that we often display. Our conviction is that as long as we live we will do our best to make this planet a great place for those who don’t have the same privilege as we do. That being said, we still depend on people, donors, sponsors and so on. Thank God we have plenty of help and support.

Our passion for helping others has cast a vision upon the more privileged and now we have don’t have to worry about the financial part of things for a while at least.

Right now we are in the middle of a remodeling project that will help this young single mom stay right next to her grandma who are in her 80s. She has no one else to take care of her and this young lady wants to stay there. We knew her through friends and told her that we could build something for her. Now we are building a bedroom with a bathroom and kitchen. It is sort of a separate place but still attached and with a door that will go straight into the grandmas’ apartment.

Our goal is to make them happy and that in turn will make us happy.


Many may have wondered how we are able to accomplish so much. Well, most of us started doing this part time in our free time. Since this is really our passion we searched for ways to make this more stable and permanent and now we have 4 fulltime staff and 3 part timers who help make people happy. After we are done with this project we will move on to another home that has a special needs kid who needs the home to be adapted to his wheel chair.

Exciting work when you get to change lives and make them happy. Our work is not merely physical. We also focus on the emotional and spiritual needs of the people. Our goal is to help them in every which way we can and so we make sure to do counseling when necessary and give spiritual guidance where required.


May you have a great week and remember that you are VERY special! For more info contact us!

Helping selflessly

THAT is our goal! You probably know that by now BUT just in case we want to make sure we remind ourselves and you that our goal is a world where people are more selfless.

We perceive that this individualistic culture takes us more towards ourselves and what the world can give us not what we can give. We, however, believe that we were made to give and receive in return not just receive and focus on ourselves.

In this post we will share an encouraging story as promised. Before that though we want to talk about this person. He is an amazing man, He lives in a little house in a small suburb of OC and he always has a smile on his face. He is usually outside on his porch, many times reading or he is gardening when we come in.

This man loves people and nature. He has been in that house for over forty years and he knows the whole neighborhood. Every evening before it’s dark and after it cools down he goes on a walk with his dog. When we come in with the crew he usually has some kind of iced tea or juice ready for us. What!? Thats thoughtful.

His name is Jon and he is 86 years old. His wife died of cancer some years ago and now he spends his time with neighbors and his dog, Lindsey. Continue reading

A new day

A new day is another opportunity to make things right, to forgive, to become more like the person you want to be.

Isn’t that thought incredible powerful and beautiful? We have talked about each persons worth before and we will keep talking about it because it is soo important for all of us to know that we are important. We find that by hanging out with people who tend to have a lower self esteem that it is hard to get that fact into actually believing it.

YOU are loved! That is what we try to convey to everyone we meet. Our love for each other should not be dependent on how good people look or the clothes they wear. NO, we need to show love because people need our love.

Now, this might seem strange to some of us who were not loved at home or maybe never told that anybody loved them… unless they wanted something. This is wrong, and we have the privilege to give love to those who need it most.

Learning from the elderly:

As you know, we constantly hang out with elderly people. We get a kick out of learning from them. Their wisdom is unmatched in many cases because they have lived through a lot. In other cases it is because they had lots of time to read, interact with people and they lived through many generations and saw things change. Interestingly we think that because we have access to technology and we are better with facebook and instagram that we may be smarter than them. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Speaking to the elderly while we clean their house or put new tiles in their bathroom makes us feel like we gained more than we gave each time. Yes, we do the physical work but they make us wiser for sure.

Knowledge time: Continue reading

Hi there

First of all, welcome everybody. We hope that this is a pleasant and hope filled journey. Our desire is to share hope and joy to everybody who is willing to receive it. We will write about projects, ideas and share stories of hope so you may be encouraged in whatever situation you are in at this moment. Many of the things we will share are practical like fixing simple things in the house yourself instead of paying someone.

Wooden floors:

Why does everybody (maybe not literally everyone) love wooden floors instead of carpet? Well, there are probably countless answers to that but one thing that we strongly advocate is wood because it is much cleaner, easier to clean and it adds beauty to the house. Although we don’t see most of it but our carpets are filled with bacteria, dirt and other little critters. Sure, it feels amazing to walk on a soft carpet and it surely reduces the noise in the room and house. However, many of us don’t really take the time to keep up with the carpet like we should because we are busy and so we might vacuum clean it only a couple times a month. This is not enough to keep it really clean.

Since we work with elderly and people with disabilities, we know the amount of time that goes into what most people would consider “mundane” things like playing, talking and cleaning. Just in case you were wondering, we do not consider those things mundane, we are passionate about them and love spending time with people who generally have a much more sober look on life than people who are too busy to care about them.

Now, back to carpets. Did you know that it is much easier to clean a wood floor than a carpet? Yes, you say, everybody knows that. However, when someone spills on carpet it can be a disaster but if that same thing happens on a wooden floor you take a mop and boom… its clean. Another fun thing about wooden floors is that they can hide more dirt too, at least crumbs and things. When we work with a couple elderly people we don’t mind cleaning because most of them thought about spills and things already AND they lived through the great depression where having wood floors was much cheaper than carpet.

It is interesting to see how societies shift. Most of us think of having carpeted floors as a must. In Europe most people have wood floors. Why? Because of the reasons just mentioned. In wealthier circles it seems to be a trend to have great wooden floors in which sense it has nothing to do with wealth but with wants. Back to the original thought:

Carpet vs Wood:

The reason we advocate wood is not because wealthy people and Europeans have it but because in the overall spectra of things it seems to come out better than carpet. We simply can’t keep our carpets so clean that we can justify it over wood. However, if you like most of us own a home or rent then you probably have lots of carpeted floors. Don’t just tear ‘em out. It can be expensive to tear out carpet (unless you do it yourself) and make the floor underneath ready or install wooden floors. Don’t give up, just make sure you wash your carpet a couple times a year to get all the gunk and dirt out. Also, many of us have allergies that were born at home… in the carpet. Nasty, I know but that can be another incentive in the direction of bare wood.

For the elderly and disabled:

You are loved, thats what you should know above all else. There are people who love and care about you. Sadly, we can’t be everywhere to love on you and care for you but that is our goal. We want to make sure through our words and actions that we show you how much you are worth and that we love you. Worth does not come from the ability to produce but simply because you are a human being. The worth=production idea came with the industrial revolution and behind it simply lies the idea that we need to work hard and give the wealthy more wealth. Don’t get this wrong, we are not Robin Hood who steals from the wealthy. In fact we think that many wealthy are incredibly generous and great people. The point was to make sure you don’t believe that your lack of ability to “produce” affects how much you are worth. If you want to contact us don’t wait, click here.

We hope you enjoyed this post and come back to read more stuff for free here.